#Weles SIMS - a fast tool for sound source localization


Weles SIMS is a quick and robust measuring system for generating sound maps of stationary sound fields. Weles SIMS is a single probe solution which relies on a scanning measurement technique to create high resolution sound images overlaid on a picture of the measured noise source - A perfect tool for localizing sources of buzzing, squeaking and rattling noises.

Weles SIMS is designed to take advantage of the measuring capabilities of the WA101 PU Sound Intensity probe. Thanks to the unique properties of the WA101 probe, Weles SIMS can be used to create sound maps depicting the distribution of sound pressure, sound intensity and particle velocity - all that without any frequency limitations. The system will allow you to visualize almost any sound field from 20 Hz all the way up to 10 kHz. Furthermore, thanks to the properties of the Weles particle velocity sensor, measurements can be carried out in the presence of background noise and without the need for specialized facilities.

Download full datasheet here


  • Sound source localization and ranking – highest performance, spatial resolution and accuracy is achieved with near-field particle velocity measurement
  • Particle velocity mapping
  • Sound intensity mapping
  • Sound pressure measurement
  • Quick troubleshooting – listen to particle velocity


  • Ability to create sound images from 20 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Real-time probe tracking
  • Sound maps created within a few minutes
  • Fully portable system - entirely powered from USB ports
  • Can be used outdoors
  • No need for specialized measurement facilities


Measurement performance and limitations
Measuring instrument WA101 ½” PU Sound Intensity probe
Operating frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz – Particle velocity measurements
20 Hz – 20 kHz – Sound pressure measurements
20 Hz – 10 kHz – Sound intensity measurements
Error margin: Class 1
Dynamic range upper limit: 136 dB SPL*, SIL**, SVL***
Dynamic range lower limit: 30 dB (A) SPL, 46 dB (A) SIL, 46 dB (A) SVL
Supplied data acquisition system: spDAQ from Danville Signal Processing, Inc. USB based, 24 bit, 2 IEPE channel, up to 192 kS/s - Full datasheet
Other supported data acquisition systems: MECALC Technologies. MicroQ devices
Data translation, Inc. DT9837A - Full datasheet
National Instruments. USB-4431
System characteristics
Type of noise that can be measured: Stationary – constant in time
Measurement outcome: Color sound map of either sound pressure, sound intensity or particle velocity overlaid on the image of the measured noise source
Maximum measurable object size: Limited by camera view field – Measurements are possible as long as the camera is able to see the measured area
Measurement environment: No limitations. Measurements can be carried out in any conditions provided there is a sufficient signal to noise ratio. Outdoor measurements are possible. Usage of wind-cap is recommended for outdoor use.
Probe position tracking
Probe tracking concept: Optical tracking. WA101 PU Probe is tracked via tracker that is attached to the probe. The tracker is equipped with two LED’s. The tracking algorithm is monitoring the location of both LED’s. Using two LED’s allows to automatically compensate for WA101 PU probe rotation. During the measurement camera image is darkened to increase the visibility of the tracker LED’s and ensure smooth tracking of the probe during the scan.
Probe tracking features: Tracking can be done in real-time or in post-processing. For special measurement cases tracking can be carried out on any user specified color.
Camera resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Camera view angle: 64°
Modules: Weles SIMS v1.4
PC Requirements: Windows 10 64 bit operating system
2 GB RAM memory
1 GB disk space
*SPL - Sound pressure level; **SIL - Sound intensity level; ***SVL - Sound velocity level


Weles SIMS measurement system consists of the following components:

  • WA101 PU Sound Intensity probe
  • Weles BOX WA101 or Wales BOX WA101H
  • 24 bit, 4-channel data acquistions system - DT9837A
  • WA101 probe tracker
  • Protective cases
  • Web camera
  • Weles SIMS software suite
  • All required cables
  • Tripod (optional)


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